Preston Parr, RDH, EF

About me...
Growing up in a military home, we traveled the globe but most of my years have been spent right her in San Diego.

What I do at BFDS!
I am a Registered Dental Assistant, with extended functions. My job is to assist Dr. Whang during dental procedures to ensure that the procedures go smoothly by providing another set of skilled hands to the procedure.

A bit about myself
I began my dental career during a high school summer break helping in a relative’s dental practice.  Determined to advance my position and skills, I enrolled into a vocational college for dental assisting.  Once training was completed, I passed the State Board Exam and received my RDA license.  While working as an RDA, I was hired as a clinical instructor by the same college. Looking for more challenge, I went to UCLA for the Extended Functions program which allows registered dental assistants to perform additional clinical procedures. Now I get to do all the fun stuff at work!


My favorite things:
I am a family man and enjoy sports, photography, and attending automotive events. My favorite thing to do is taking underwater photos of my dog. His facial expressions are priceless.


I have travelled to...
Many states, islands and countries growing up.


I want to go to...
Teapuhui Tahiti to photograph the underwater tropical scenery and people surfing massive waves.



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